Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The UnRiskIT® software package has been used to generate probabilistic cost estimates for our Deep-Water HPHT development well campaign throughout the project maturation process. At the same time UnRiskIT® is also used for quick scenario screening as part of our decision making during front end well planning.

The ability to generate common outputs like time/depth, tornado risk and s-curve charts as well as PO overview sorted by categories is very helpful for AFE submission and cost/time tracking vs plan during execution.

The UnRiskIT® user interface is logical and can be customized based on specific needs of the project. The technical software support is very good and most importantly very prompt.

Since 2004 UnRiskIT® has played a crucial role in the decision making process on our most important projects. No other software competes with it in terms of usability and output quality. Our best outcomes have been based upon the making process facilitated by UnRiskIT®.

UnRiskIT® delivers unprecedented performance in terms of ease-of-use and accurate risked cost analysis and our team has been using it effectively since 2003. With UnRiskIT® we are empowered with an intuitive risk analysis software tool that helps us to quickly identify and communicate the risk and cost associated with our Drilling projects.

UnRiskIT® has provided our company and its clients with a rigorous, easy-to-use solution for the necessary analysis of drilling risk and potential cost spreads for projects ranging in size from single wells to entire development programs. Victor’s deep knowledge of risk analysis and quick responses when there are questions have been instrumental in the correct implementation of the analysis within our tight deadline schedules.

Any oil & gas professional looking for a powerful yet easy to use out-of-the-box risk analysis solution should try UnRiskIT®. It is flexible, was built by petroleum experts with years of industry experience, and eliminates the hassles associated with building error-prone and unrealistic Excel models.

As a former Vice President for both Decisioneering and Palisade, I can tell you that neither Crystal Ball nor @RISK can hold a candle to UnRiskIT® when it comes to ease of use, robustness, or oil & gas specific functionality. Crystal Ball and @RISK are mere tools, whereas UnRiskIT® is an actual risk-analysis end-to-end solution designed for the oil & gas professional. Any oil & gas professional looking for a powerful yet easy to use out-of-the-box risk analysis solution should try UnRiskIT®