Consultant Partner Program (CPP)

NEW! Warrior Technology Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the UnRiskIT Consulting Partner Program (CPP).

Opportunities to gain a genuine advantage in the competitive risk analysis consulting marketplace are rare. By participating in this program you can increase your visibility and leads, arm yourself with a cutting-edge petroleum-specific analytical solution, and stay a step ahead of competing firms that are still only working with antiquated spreadsheets add-ins.

UnRiskIT is a powerful and intuitive application that provides organizations in the oil & gas industry with a true end-to-end risk analysis solution for petroleum professionals. Its ease of use, intuitive user interface, imbedded risk register and ability to link to and gather data from multiple databases picks up where spreadsheets and generic Excel add-ins leave `off, providing users with the ability to make consistent, quality decisions without having to waste time building cumbersome and often inaccurate spreadsheet models.

Our new UnRiskIT Consulting Partner Program is designed specifically to make consulting organizations like yours more successful. Some of the benefits that will be extended to you when you sign up include:

   • Annual licenses of UnRiskIT at a substantially reduced cost

   • A description of your company and its services on the CPP section of our website

   • Cross promotional links from our website to your website and vice-versa

   • Early access to Beta versions of upcoming products and new releases

   • A free 60 minute web-based demo of UnRiskIT

   • Joint marketing opportunities

   • Access to UnRiskIT training materials to use when showing your clients the software

   • Exposure at trade shows we attend

   • Discounts on UnRiskIT licenses for your clients

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